LEGO want to hear some new theme ideas

ThemesOur LEGO Community Rep. Steve Witt has asked the LEGO Ambassadors to collect suggestions for new LEGO themes. This is your chance to write down some theme ideas and have someone from LEGO read them. So get to it!

To get involved simply 1) think of some theme ideas (no more than three per person), 2) check that your themes don’t already appear and 3) write down any new themes you might have and support any that already appear. I’ll compile some results by the 24th October to submit to Steve.

Additional information 14 Oct 2010: Due to the overwhelming response and difficulty collating the information I’d like people to a) avoid repeating ideas, b) keep their theme ideas as short as possible. As of now I will simply ignore all suggestions by anyone who fails to follow these two simple rules.

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  1. Magnus

    Just thought of something a little original – not a new standard playtheme per se, but how about a Crossbows and Catapults type game?

    A great way to expand on say the Castle theme with something new, and could be a great army builder packs as well. And LEGO is really into games these days.

  2. Daiman

    After seeing Littlhaulics room design I think the female afols and daughters all over the world would love to display their own Modular “Dolls House” , each set around 50 to 80 dollars depending on where you’re from and representing a room theme eg. bathroom, bedroom.
    Interchangeable layouts and strong design/ building concepts along with the ability to add as many or few rooms as builders wish.

  3. mix69

    I’d really like to see some old theme back expecially johnny thunder, the orient, and the dinosaur theme but new i’d like

    1. Greek Myth – like clash of the titans/ sinbad / arganauts
    2. Scooby Doo
    3. Doctor who

  4. Tristan Sjet

    In order of prefrence:

    #1: UCS Homeworld Lego. That is all.

    #2: Micro (or Midi) scale space line, sets would consist of one-two ships, and a minifig (or minifigs) of the captain of that ship (or ships). Largest sets would also have the bridge crew. overarching theme would be exploration/discovering alien species. No gimmicks.

    #3: Minifig scale mecha, westen style, ala’ Mechwarrior. No gimmicks, just solid, well built sets with a great minifigure.

    Oh, and when I say gimmicks, I mean flickfires, firing missiles, light bricks, sound bricks, air pumps tubes, game rules, “Really floats!!!”, and the like.

  5. imac

    I think the play value of the basic Town theme for kids is underestimated.

    My first suggestion would be a different approach to a Town theme: produce modular buildings (shops, houses etc) that fit either one or two per side of a straight road 32×32 baseplate providing an affordable way for children to build up a town of their own. With the buildings having one or two floors that would allow for four sizes of building and therefore four price points, with a one floor, quarter plate building being priced at the level of a bit of saved up pocket money. In addition there could be plenty of simple low price vehicles with a minifigure – perhaps inspired by the original Town theme vehicles.

    Suggestion number two would be a Formula One (and/or any other racing circuit) theme with Scalextric style tracks, pit lane buildings and grandstands. The cars would have play value in their own right but would be taken to a new level with a powered track. I am not however proposing that this be a licenced theme, just generic racing cars; I think Lego should use licensed properties sparingly.

    For the record I would support:
    The Retro Furture City- LOVE!
    The abandoned prohibition theme
    Fairy Tales (I want to see a gingerbread house and Rapunzel’s tower)
    Steampunk would great but may be too AFOL directed.

  6. legoleon

    1. Eco-Rangers: thinking into the not too distant future, a semi-futuristic team policing ecological damage & protecting endangered species. Sets could include missions to rainforest. Imagine tropical fauna, but also kind-of apocalyptic scenery, futuristic logging machinery etc. A set featuring futuristic oil-spill cleanup machinery and protective outfits. I don’t think I’ve seen any toy line as of yet taking this issue seriously.

    2. Something involving ghosts haunting different kind of houses and situations. Secret walls and attics, graveyards. But lots of variations on types of ghosts, lots of transparent elements and mechanisms. Ghosts and monsters as a fun and mischevious force rather than evil beings that need to be defeated by ‘Heroes’.

    3. Storylines that veer away from Heroes vs Villains; remember the imaginitive potential of children. Lego has always been an incredible facilitator for creative thought and is far more capable of ideas beyond licensed products… AFOLs and kids will find ways to make their own versions of those characters they love anyway.

    A return to a more generic yellow lego head. The whole success of those little heads is that they are blank symbols; you project your character onto those yourself regardless of what is printed there.

    As a white person I’ve always had no difficulty in seeing legomen as race-less figures, but I’d like to know how other races perceive legomen. is there much discussion of this online?

  7. SpookyAMD

    1. Monsters – This could include classic movie and literary monsters. We had a couple with the Studios theme, but there could be so many more like creature from the black lagoon, phantom of the opera, invisible man, medusa, etc.

    2. Japanese/Anime – Could be licensed properties like Totoro and Domo, places around Japan like Shibuya station, or more generic like a Japanese garden.

    3. Fairytale – Yes, I know Belville had a few Fairy-Tale sets, but let’s be serious. Little Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Little Pigs, etc. would be great sets that would make great companions to the Kingdoms line.


    LEGO Hayao Miyazaki
    LEGO FIREFLY (tv serie)
    LEGO Story evolution
    LEGO David Crockett
    LEGO Vampire Hunters
    LEGO Muppets

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