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  1. Ochre Jelly

    Very timely, as I see it just won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature! Well done to everyone that worked on this splendid movie, it really… SQUIRREL!

  2. proudlove

    Heh, I’m probably the only person in the universe that didn’t like that movie. Of course, I went with my 3 year old son and we were both expecting a kid’s movie. We were both disappointed. Great little vignette though. (my spell-check is telling me that movie is wrong, am I going crazy?)

  3. Ochre Jelly

    (^ so what spelling is it suggesting, “mov-eh” nyuk nyuk nyuk :D)

    Yeah, although personally I loved the entire movie, I know quite a few people who felt a bit manipulating by the overtly tear-jerky parts, and others who avoided it altogether because of those parts. Such is life.

  4. brickfrenzy

    It’s not just you, Nathan. It’s probably my least favorite Pixar movie. Of course that’s like saying Miss November would be the Playboy Playmate from last year I’d least like to have sex with.

  5. jimmythefly

    I really enjoyed the tear-jerker emotional parts. Not just because I got some dust in my eye and was having issues with my contact lenses during those parts. Mostly because I was amazed at the artistry used in those scenes. These weren’t actors, they weren’t even realistically-styled humans. To me it was beautiful how something so plasticy and stylized could still work to show such emotion, to portray scenes that we all know personally and could have anticipated in the story. Yet it came off beautifully and correct, not grotesque and forced. I suspended my disbelief in that movie and I think that shows some talent from the animators.

    Contrast that with Avatar, which had extraordinarily realistic characters that completely failed to engage me. My belief was not suspended, and the whole time I kept a running list of contradictions/oddities/etc.

    I hid under the porch because I LOVE you.

  6. steffeystudios

    I like the vig, but somehow the balloons seem an uglier color combination than in the movie. I realize the lego color pallete is limited, but I think it’s because of the trans studs.

    I’m just being picky I suppose, I still love the model and movie!

    (A squirrel walks up to a tree and says “I forgot to store acorns for winter and now I am dead.” HA!! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead)

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