4 comments on “Cool spaceships don’t need a name

  1. Melfice

    http:[email protected]/3948729158/in/photostream/

    Apparently, this is an R14 Bulldog class.
    Not entirely nameless. ;)

    Anyway, looks pretty sharp. The X-shape on the nose looks neat, and the ribbed effect on the grey area is brilliant.

  2. Dan Post author

    Ry: I guess we’re learning that I blog stuff that looks like I built it, eh?

    Melfice: I checked a few photos for a name, but I guess I missed the right one.

  3. Melfice

    Maybe he edited it in later, I don’t know.
    And most certainly don’t take it like criticism, please!
    If I post anything like that, just assume it’s meant tongue in cheek.

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