BrickWorld 2007

BrickWorld 2007 is being held in Chicago this weekend (well, June 21-24). Photos are starting to show up on the ‘net, including the dedicated Flickr group and a large photoset from attendee Captain Redstorm.

As always at events, there are more pictures than we could possibly show here. Here’s a semi-random shot of a mecha:

The world-famous Mos Eisley diorama is at BrickWorld:

I’ll update this post with links to more coverage as I run across it.

First update: Mark Larson has a Brickshelf gallery full of photos from BrickWorld, including the latest products from BrickForge:

Second update: David Pagano has day-by-day coverage. Day 1 Day 2

Third update: Joe Meno is also attending BrickWorld. Thursday (part 1) Thursday (part 2) Friday (part 1) Friday (part 2) Saturday

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  1. Matt Hamann

    some more stuff here:
    and here: http:[email protected]/sets/72157600479184560/

  2. Unclejoe420

    Don’t suppose if they have any events like this in the UK? Would love to go to one of these events sometime!!

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