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It’s a simple idiot-proofing scheme that’s very effective. But no idiot-proofing can overcome a determined idiot.

The title is a quote from the novel Artemis by Andy Weir. It points out the wit of scientific redundancies meant to keep people safe and this suit is a testament in its own right. Space nerds like me have been blessed by the LEGO Group in recent years. Sets like the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, the International Space Station, and recently the Space Shuttle Discovery, give the rocket scientists and astronomers in all of us a big thrill. There are so many iconic elements from the past that would make great sets but let’s take a peek at the future of scientific idiot-proofing with Spacemanship123’s NASA Artemis Spacesuit.

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Farewell Nancy Grace Roman, you are now truly one with the stars [News]

Nancy Grace Roman, the astronomer and “the mother of the Hubble” passed away on December 26 at the age of 93. She worked on the Hubble Space Telescope in the early stages and was honored in the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA set in 2017. She was also the first woman executive at NASA and also one of the first chief astronomers. She will dearly be missed by the lives she’s touched and inspired all over the world, and her legacy will be long remembered. On behalf of the LEGO community and the team at The Brothers Brick, we bid you farewell. Nancy, you are now one truly with the stars and you will always shine with brightness in the sky, leading the way for aspiring youth to light the path to even greater things. Rest in peace, Nancy.