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Visiting LEGO Masters: Behind the scenes tour with Challenge Master Brent Benedetti [News]

LEGO Masters arrives in the US in less than two weeks, and anticipation for the brick-building reality TV show is reaching a peak in the LEGO fan community. The Brothers Brick was invited to visit the LEGO Masters set when they were filming last month, and we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio.

Our day visiting LEGO Masters started early in the morning. Megan from Brickset and I headed to a non-descript studio located in a light-industrial area near Burbank, CA (apparently next to the building used for the exterior shots for the US television series The Office, we were told). Arriving at the studio by car, we provided our names to the security guard and were allowed onto the lot. The production staff excitedly greeted us and ushered us inside. After passing through a reception area, we stepped onto the massive set.

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LEGO Enfield RLUG Workshop [News]

Last month, I had the chance to visit the LEGO offices in Enfield, Connecticut. How’d I snag such a sweet opportunity you may ask? Well, the LEGO AFOL Relations & Programs team (aka the “AR&P team”) issued a general invitation to sites like The Brothers Brick as well as to United States RLUG┬ámembers to participate in a workshop. Unsurprisingly, the workshop spaces filled up in less than 24 hours.

Enfield RLUG Workshop Group Photo

Enfield LEGO Compass HouseI and 33 other lucky AFOLs got to sneak a peek inside LEGO’s U.S. headquarters and participate in several discussions about LEGO’s community outreach programs. In total, the workshop participants hailed from nine different RLUGs, including QueLUG, WMLUG, NEOLUG, TexLUG, MichLUG, NELUG, ConnLUG, RLUG, and PennLUG.

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