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This Muppets haunted mansion carries the spooky on into November

Halloween has now come and gone, but Josh Parkinson and his Muppet-filled LEGO mansion aren’t done scaring up some fun! And what could be more fun than that wicked color scheme? The dark red and green with black trim evokes the eerie feel of a haunted house, while still staying true to the vivid character of Henson’s creations. The front lawn is wonderfully unkempt, with loads of leafy stalks scattered about. And I adore the gnarled black tree on the side next to the gravestones. It seems to have a character all its own with so many sharp barbs and angles. And I can’t get enough of all the brilliant textures here, from the slats on the walls to the checkerboard shingles and the ornate railings. Josh has them all working together in a harmonious patchwork that gives the structure age. My only question is, where did our other Muppet friends get to?

The Muppet Movie Monster Mashup Mansion - Exterior views

The other side of the model answers that question, offering us five fright-filled minifigure habitats. Each room showcases a costumed Muppet in an appropriately-themed room of this mansion. It’s hard to pick a favorite room here, with so many excellent techniques employed and creative choices in minifig costumery. Is it the mummified Swedish Chef? Or maybe Count Gonzo? No, I think I have to go with my gut: Dr. Bunsen-stein all the way!

The inside of the Muppets Movie Monster Mashup Mansion (habitat stack)

A keetchee-a buoild zeet vill meke-a yuou sey ‘Bork Bork Bork!’

We recently covered an impressive Muppet Labs build by martin.with.bricks. And now it’s time to light the lights on the Swedish Chef’s kitchen. Poor Camilla is about to get turned into a serving of “Chickie in the Basket” unless something in that kitchen eats the Chef first. Martin’s perfectly captured the set from the original The Muppet Show, with lots of round tiles replicating the unique wall paper, and all the shelving and kitchenware that the Chef used to cause his culinary mayhem.

Muppets - Swedish Chef