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The LEGO great ball kraken-traption

The LEGO builds of the Great Ball Contraption universe are far more known for their function rather than their form. Each module is designed to move minifig-scale basketballs and soccer balls from one point to another. But Jeff Strong adds a wonderful aesthetic touch to his GBC module, Kraken Attackin’. An ode to Tacoma, Washington, in the US, balls fly down a channel next to several natural and man-made landmarks of the region. But beware the dangerous kraken under the Narrows Bridge with its wily tentacles! The color palette here is brilliant, as are some of the great building techniques like the trees on the hillside. Even the blue and white conveyor that moves the balls up to the start of the run is striking. It’s a masterful piece of moving artwork!

But a still picture can’t really do this creation justice. See below for some video footage of the GBC module in action. Pay specific attention to the unique movement of the kraken’s tentacle. Jeff employs some genius engineering under the “water” to add a natural flow to the giant red limb.