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More than your usual rubber-stamp build

Ah, bureaucracy. Nothing is quite like the teeth-grinding angst of shuffling papers and getting the right permits. There’s also nothing quite like this creation by Inthert. Making use of an unusual 2×3 modified LEGO plate as a basis, they’ve managed to stamp out something new. There are a lot of great techniques in play, from the white rubber band around the pen clip to the layered wall panels that make up the pages of the book. But the skill used in inverting the rubber stamp’s pattern onto the page is the real treat for me.

05 - Seal of Approval

This build is part of the latest Iron Builder challenge. Check out our archives for more great creations from that competition.

A noteworthy build waiting to be discovered

Every once in a while I get that feeling of “why didn’t I think of it?” and this is certainly one of them. Peter Reid, who designed the 21109 Ideas Exo-Suit, makes use of parts both new and old in unique ways. I’m particularly impressed by the method with which the thin blue lines were achieved, using the Hinge Brick Base and the Top Plate. The parts have been around for quite a while, which means it was technique waiting to be discovered. The two other new pieces are the Hoop Blade, which was only introduced this year, which forms the notepad’s rings, and the realistic looking end to the pencil thanks to the obvious use of the Eraser Minifigure from the Batman Collectible Minifigure Series.


Sharpen your LEGO bricks with class!

I like to see everyday things recreated in LEGO and this one is no exception. The sound of the crank and the aroma of pencil shavings just takes me back to decades of exams and homework. that really seems a lot easier thinking back now. While it’s a perfect representation by Legobyleaves, the way to make it even more awesome is a little modification can be made. Just imagine if the studs drop out only after the crank turns! Remember kids, stay in school as long as you can! Work ain’t fun as you think it may be!

Click to see the pencil sharpener in action