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Homer’s dream job: Donut salesman

What happened when Homer quit the nuclear plant? Dvd reckons he set up his own donut stall. This is a lovely little build, and a refreshing change from people using the Simpsons minifigs just to recreate scenes from the show.

Homer's Donut Shop

The model has an interior with a cash register and donut display. Sweet. I do wonder if Homer can resist the merchandise though…

Homer's Donut Shop

Springfield Pool-Mobile

Driving in straight from the 1994 Simpsons episode “Bart of Darkness“, builder Brian Williams has reconstructed the iconic Springfield Pool-Mobile in all its chlorine filled glory. Managing to stuff in 36 Simpsons minifigures (including a few custom figures based on unreleased characters), along with references to multiple episodes, this is surely one Pool-Mobile that will catch your attention. As if a Pool-Mobile alone was not enough!

Springfield Pool-Mobile by Brian Williams

Springfield Pool-Mobile, Homer by Brian Williams

Mmmm... Leavened flour paste deep fried in rendered pig fat

You’d have a hard time figuring out what iconic Simpsons locations were not included in the spectacular Springfield layout that Matt De Lanoy unveiled at Brickworld last year. But I guess Matt found a pretty significant one in the form of Homer’s gastronomic Mecca, the Lard Lad donut shop. Fortunately, he has now corrected this glaring oversight: