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LEGO Creation of the Week (#9): Shelob by Grant Davis

Every week readers of the The Brothers Brick Telegram channel choose the Creation of the Week: one project that impressed all of us the most. As the sales of new LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings 10316 Rivendell has began last week, there’s no better time to enjoy a stunning themed creation. No wonder, Grant Davis grabbed our Creation of the Week prize this easily! His scene featuring spidery monster, Shelob totally deserves it!

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We’re caught in the web of this wonderful build.

Grant Davis has been on a quest to depict the major moments from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings saga in LEGO form. Grant’s latest vignette is of Sam’s encounter with the vicious, spidery monster known as Shelob. Rarely has an arachnid been so perfectly captured in LEGO form. The secret is plenty of inverted rubbery tires to give Shelob some organic roundness and an eerie texture.

65. Shelob