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Shakespeare, Serenity, and Racers, oh my!

Scott Quick (divepoet on Brickshelf) has posted some massive updates to his gallery — all very cool stuff. Here’s just a small selection.

A series of Shakespearean vignettes (which he showcased last year at Brickfest):

A micro-size Serenity:

A whole bunch of tiny little “Arrow Racers:”

Serenity and Firefly Minifigs

Brickshelf user morgan19 recently posted several cool minifigs based on the wonderful (and short-lived) Joss Whedon TV series Firefly. That reminded me that I’ve been meaning to make my own.

Here we have the crew of Serenity:

Click the image above for individual shots of the characters (with accessories!). LEGO hasn’t released a female African-American head yet, so I couldn’t make Zoe.

Next, several other characters from Firefly. Left to right, Jubal Early, a “Two by two, hands of blue” guy (I only have one of these suits and two light-blue hands), and Adelai Niska:

Finally, a couple of characters from the movie Serenity, Mr. Universe and The Operative: