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“It’s not easy bein’ mean…”

Sandro Quattrini gives us a glimpse of what might have happened had Doc Hopper won his battle with Kermit the Frog. This amphibious warrior has had his legs replaced with cybernetic parts, and he’s no doubt looking for revenge against the man who deep-fried those appendages. Sandro’s robotic leg design makes great use of two different sized LEGO skis, and they look like they’d deliver powerful hopping action. The mohawk made from flags adds a decorative bit of warrior-flair. But my favorite detail is the actual LEGO frog delivering the perfect bit of shaping to the nose of this powerful polliwog.

Battletoad 2077 / Cyborg Frog

The Kingpig runs this city

Spider-Ham had better beware, because Sandro Quattrini has given Wilson Fisk a suitably suidae upgrade. Inspired by the idea of a minifigure basket as a pig snout, this character grew to an immense size during construction. So much so that he can use a Dots bracelet as a belt!

Wilson Pigsk