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Honey, I shrunk the Republic gunship

This LEGO Republic gunship by Ron_mcphatty is a smaller take on a great vehicle from that galaxy far, far away! The ship is built on the midi-scale, which puts it between miniature and minifigure scale. This size allows for greater details than a miniature model, but less complexity and fewer parts than a model scaled to minifigures. And this thing is jampacked with details! We’ve got the rockets between the rocket launchers on top in the back, ready to shoot down any battle droid fighters. Clear radar dishes represent the swivel guns on the wings. Of course, that’s not all! The coloring of the ship stands out with the bright red and green against the stark white. That bright green is one of my favorite things about the ship, so I’m glad to see it all represented!

MOC Midi Republic Gunship P9

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Cantinas come in all sizes

Not everyone has the money or space needed to acquire the newest Cantina set, but that didn’t stop ron_mcphatty from applying the magic microscale treatment to this iconic location that was once referred to as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. The scene includes all vehicles and other details as the official set, including both moister evaporators, Greedo’s ship, and even has Luke’s speeder.

Micro Mos Eisley Cantina

Not only does this model capture many of the details that make it’s larger inspiration such a fantastic model, it even opens up just like it.

Micro Mos Eisley Cantina