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Putting the creative into “Créative Technologie”

Although Finland is often called the home of rallying, in recent years you’d be forgiven for thinking it was France. Since 2003, every year bar one has seen a Frenchman (two Frenchmen, in fact, both called Sébastien) crowned World Drivers’ Champion. From 2004 to 2012, Citroën extended this dominance to the Manufacturers’ championship, although Reddish Blue MOCs‘s depiction is from their leaner, more recent years. Nonetheless, it’s a superb model! It’s built to the same scale as LEGO’s Speed Champions line and would look right at home among them.

The C3 WRC, as it’s called, is packed full of detail, making it very faithful to real rally cars. A spare wheel sits in the trunk, and it can accommodate bonnet lights for night stages. By far the coolest detail is the ability to swap between a tarmac setup and a gravel or snow one. This isn’t done by just swapping out some pieces (although the custom stickers are swapped from Monte Carlo to Finland, which is a nice touch) – there’s a tool in the back to do it on the fly. How cool is that! This car may not have won many rallies in its three years in the WRC, but it’s certainly won our hearts.