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The LEGO Foundation partners with Play Included to support LEGO-based learning for neurodivergent kids in UK [News]

Ahead of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, The LEGO Foundation, the company’s learning development arm, is unveiling a new partnership with Play Included, a UK-based entity that uses LEGO as a therapy tool for neurodivergent children, including those with autism. The company is putting its support behind the existing Brick-by-Brick program that targets children ages 5 and up and allows them to learn in a group environment on small teams, teaching them valuable skills in socializing, problem-solving, communication, and more. The LEGO Foundation also plans to utilize the partnership to conduct studies on learning through play and how it could potentially be used to impact other conditions such as ADHD and anxiety.

Here’s a video from LEGO outlining the program.

Read the full press release from LEGO below