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That’s definitely no moon...

If you’ve seen portions of this LEGO space station by Tim Goddard, then it may be because we wrote about it back when it was just Platform 7. As minifig-kind continues exploring the vastness of space, so grows Tim’s elegant outpost. I like to think that the oil rig-like Platform 7 was just the start of an expansive exploration colony. Tim built a hexagonal landing pad as the second module of the space station, and I eagerly await the next sections.

Bringing it all together

Looking at the aesthetics of this sci-fi playground, it has the usual colour scheme of realistic space stations, but Tim makes it interesting with a masterful balance of smooth whites and grey greebles that only he can achieve. While it is different from the retro feel of most Classic Space builds, this station conveys a futuristic look. This is all thanks to the new torsos provided by recent Creator sets and collectible minifigures. After all, space exploration can only move forwards.

Complete structure

Be sure to check out more space-y stuff by Tim Goddard, and if you want a fun story to his Classic Space builds, he also wrote LEGO Space: Building the Future with fellow builder and LEGO IDEAS Exo Suit designer Pete Reid.

Tim, Pete, if you’re reading this, please write a sequel!
xoxo, Mansur “Waffles”

“Houston, this is Platform 7”

From a galaxy likely not too far away comes a creation from LEGO sci-fi building genius Tim Goddard.
Platform 7

This is incredible. The amount of detail here is off the charts! Just look at those stairwells (yes, the external stairs and the internal yellow stairs), the airlocks, the lines on the landing pad! But that antenna on top, that takes the cake. Clearly, it can send messages all the way from Pluto to Earth.

Also, is that the Death Star as a fuel tank?

Platform 7
You’ve done it again, Mr. Goddard. Keep up the great work!