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A tropical twist on an explosive device.

The video game Halo Infinite offers a variety of ways to let players customize their armor. Things like visor colors, decals, and ammo belts are available for the more serious Spartans. But, for players who like to get a little silly, the game offers options like teddy bears, sunflowers, and grenades that look like pineapples. Nick Jensen is no stranger to building life-sized Halo weapon replicas, and as soon as he saw the pineapple grenades on screen, he knew he had to build one. Nick’s done a fantastic job of replicating the shape and texture of the fruit-themed-weapon. Centering the 1×1 round plates in a square made from 1/4 round tiles is a technique that would be useful for decorating a variety of builds.

Pineapple Grenade - Halo Infinite