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Drilling beneath the waves, where LEGO comes from

It’s no secret that most LEGO is made from dinosaurs and carboniferous forests. But you have to drill hundreds or even thousands of meters beneath the surface of the earth to pump out that crude pre-LEGO material, often from platforms way out at sea. General Tensai takes bricks back to their source with this incredibly detailed, colorful oil rig that uses countless LEGO pieces in surprising ways. The overall effect is one of large-scale industrial activity full of pipes and conduits, a helipad with brick-built lettering, numerous towers, cranes, and gantries — and even a multi-colored oil slick on the ocean’s surface. But clicking through to the builder’s full-size photo rewards careful examination, from the Technic pump behind the red and white crane to the single minifig leg and yellow parrot projecting below the helipad.

RTT: Oil Rig

LEGO Oil Rig – with a whole lot of pipe

Tobias Vogt (Tobigo) spent three months building this massive oil rig standing 1.1 metres tall and 1 metre wide. With all parts of the refinery included, Tobias even went so far as to include close to 16 metres of ‘pipe’ connecting the different sections.

Oil Rig

Builds of this size tend to be viewed as display items only, but this thing just screams to be played with.

Have a click through the flickr photoset for all the amazing interior detailing.