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“Ernie, two double-deckers at twelve o’clock!”

We’ve seen a few versions of the Knight Bus from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in LEGO sets. However they all fail to replicate one of its most memorable tricks – distorting itself to squeeze between two London buses. Having done my fair share of rush hour cycling in London, I can confirm that this is no mean feat, and to be fair it’s quite hard to replicate in LEGO form. But that hasn’t stopped LEGO Instagrammer Gilderoy Blockhart from having a crack at it! There aren’t many LEGO pieces in purple (in fact a lot of them have come from Knight Bus sets), so this can’t have been easy. He’s even captured it mid-squeeze, going from six studs wide to a mere two at the front. And all this while still being able to fit Harry Potter himself – and some lights – in at the back! That really is magic.