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LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Burst: 70685 Cole, 70686 Kai, & 70687 Lloyd [Review]

Our coverage of the Summer 2020 Ninjago sets continues with a close look at the Spinjitzu Burst sets. Slated for a June 1st release, these are similar (read: almost identical) to 2019’s Spinjitzu Slam sets. Each features a single ninja, an elemental-themed spinner base, and a color-coordinated launch platform. There are three different characters to collect:
70685 Spinjitzu Burst Cole
70686 Spinjitzu Burst Kai
70687 Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd

Aimed at the 7+ age range, these 48-piece sets are focused around the play factor. But at an expected $10 price point in the US, is there enough to attract adult builders and collectors, too? Read on and judge for yourself!

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