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Colorful and delightful LEGO merchandise from Chronicle Books [News]

In February at Toy Fair New York we covered selected LEGO branded merchandise at the event. Some of the products are now available, including colouful jigsaw puzzles and journals made by Chronicle Books. Here’s a quick guide and availability on Amazon for sale or preorder.

Click to see the products in detail

Piecing it all together

Do you ever feel like the pieces don’t fit? That you don’t fit inAnne Mette V illustrates many examples of the seemingly insurmountable social chasms that can exist in today’s world. Superbly staged and photographed, each thought-provoking situation is sitting on its own brick-built misfitted puzzle piece perfectly juxtaposed against the black backdrop.

Fit in...

We see the divide between the haves and have-nots, and the awkward feeling of not fitting in with the cool crowd. Anne has included discrimination of many kinds in her LEGO creations including age, race, sex, class and ability.

Fit in... Fit in...

The next time you see someone who appears to be having a hard time fitting in, offer them a hand, a smile, or a friendly conversation. You might just make a new friend and help move all the pieces a little closer together.

Fit in... Fit in...

And yes, the pieces do actually fit together.