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He’s a gigantic fluffy monster with an arrow on his head! Its kinda hard to miss him!

Sokka sure got it right when he pointed out this major flaw in Team Avatar’s main mode of transportation. Despite his lack of stealth, Appa proved to be an essential part of the team, carrying the gang and more all over the bending world. Fans of Nickelodeon’s The Last Airbender surely look back wantingly at the small line of sets that The LEGO Group blessed us with when the show was still airing and plenty of builders have expressed their dreams in brick form. Jay-Roon Bricks has joined in with this wonderful brick-built Appa, Avatar Aang’s loyal sky bison. Katara and Sokka look pretty comfy in that lovely saddle, while Aang looks ready for the next adventure. I’m glad they haven’t lost their supply bag yet either, represented here by the sand blue round plates and tiles behind the saddle.

This version models Appa’s body well and seems to be in scale with Toph and the rest of the gang. His face has some great details and seems very expressive, helping to capture the big guy’s spirit.

This picture from above also shows off the details of Appa’s tail and patterning. The rounded end and tight joints really match the character’s design and probably make this model very poseable.

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