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Hey, Mac! Care for a game?

Straight from the 1970’s, Jason Cichon provides us a LEGO-built gaming machine with a bit of extra character. I’m immediately transported back to my grandpa’s basement, playing games via 8″ floppy on his revived IBM. The standard tan casing I remember is brought back here in this build, now sculpted into an anthropomorphic visage complete with an 8-bit face. I love the plate work used in the monitor’s simple smile, and the washed out baby blue panel on the body of the computer-bot. But the highlights for me are the bright joystick hands on this retro gaming steward. The red and orange color palette feels perfect for the products of the age, and the use of carrot parts for the sticks themselves is inspired. Now, if you’ll excuse me, they need me back on the Oregon Trail.


Another shrimp for the barbie

The Penaeus monodon, otherwise known as the Tiger Prawn, is native to the Indo-Pacific region. It’s also cultivated for food consumption all over the world. Jason Cichon has done an excellent job at bringing these LEGO marine crustacea to life….Well, one of them at least. Seafood connoisseurs will recognise the orange prawn on the bottom, largely due to their understanding of what they look like after having been cooked.


His mix of modified plates and 2×1 Wedge’s in the abdomen creates smooth articulation within the build. This combination allows the pleura to sit snugly against each other. A flexible spike minifig weapon has been used for the rostrum while, further down, the leg assemblies have been topped off with small red horns. In the end, the part that brings this model into the realm of realism is the flexible hose with connection ends as the antenna. The colours employed throughout are so incredibly fitting, I’m sure Jason stood around a barbeque in the summer quite a few times.