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A snowman attack in August? Sure thing!

With some extreme weather, wildfires, and record temperatures, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to see this LEGO scene built by PeterBoxXu. I mean, we’ve already seen murder hornets and a Latter-Day Saint ghost town that keeps emerging from Lake Mead and we didn’t even have that on our weird stuff bingo card. Somehow I love the concept of a massive snowman who has had enough of your winter holiday cheer. In August, no less! I like the snowman’s red neckerchief and his grabby Maxifig hands. The snowblower figure hurling through the air has definitely seen better days. If this creation wins the contest for the “All Seasons” theme it just might be seen in the LEGO Ideas House. I’m rooting for the snowman. In fact, with oppressive temperatures and a hint of smoke in the air, I’d welcome a snowman attack right about now. Or was I thinking of a cold glass of lemonade? Yeah, that’s it, cold lemonade!

Snowman Attacks!