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This is Red Squadron Support, Calling In!

Every successful starfighter squadron has a team of support personnel and vehicles behind them. LEGO Builder Gruja shares what his support craft for Red Squadron could look like.

Red Squadron support craft (1)

I’m a sucker for LEGO Star Wars spaceships that are implied to exist. This U-wing variant is a perfect example of that. Not seen on-screen but hey, somebody needs to be ferrying supplies to squadron bases.

Gruja’s support craft illustrates what every Rebellion ship looks like; rough, tough, and a scratchy paint job. Lots of little greeble details give it that “lived-in” universe look, helping it fit right in with Star Wars lore.

Red Squadron support craft (2)

You can’t live on flight rations every day, which is why I’m sure that cargo crate is full of Socorran Sandwiches.