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Leaf pieces are really shaping up nicely.

Builder Azurekingfisher calls this LEGO sculpture Cone Cube Sphere for, well, the obvious reasons. It’s well-photographed, graphicly bold, and, at first glance, can be misconstrued as something other than LEGO. But they make interesting use of the tree leaf part in three different colors. My personal fave is the cube as it makes use of some plates and tiles but the cone and sphere certainly aren’t without their charm. It must take some expert hands to craft these as, I imagine anyway, that cone is a good way to snap those brittle leaf pieces in half. Azurekingfisher, please chime in in the comments if you’ve ever broken any. In the meantime, everyone else click the little blue link above to see many more delights that make use of the leaf part.

Cone  Cube Sphere