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A Kylothian in the garden

Those with a green thumb are often on the lookout for new intruders in our garden beds, ready to weed deep to keep our leafy babies safe. LEGO builder Galerie d’Antha recently discovered this peculiar perennial popping up amongst the spring blooms. Its sweet smell seems to be attracting a crowd but that alien eye-stalk makes me think those spiders are marching to their doom. The builder filled this model with gold, creating a filigree-like plant that I imagine would wiggle and writhe in Lovecraftian ways. You might recognize the large, golden leaves in the center as the wings from the Snitch in the Hogwarts Icons set. The tentacle portions come from the Gargantos Showdown set but, combined with the gold eggshells and leaves, the whole thing kind of feels like a Kylothian from Men in Black 2. You know, that little alien from that little ship that turns into Serleena? Hopefully, this one isn’t as malicious though.

Keep your books secure with these fantastic book ends

Galerie d’Antha has built these beautiful book ends, featuring two characters engaging in the joy of reading. The tan colour scheme of the figures is most likely applied to suggest that the book ends would be constructed out of wood. Small hints of plant life, sprouting up from the ground, add to the relaxing aesthetic of the builds. The books also have some nice details such as ridged bricks representing the pages. These would look great on any shelf, not only to keep books in place but also as eye-catching display pieces.