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A giant AT-AT footprint is the last thing you want to find in the snow.

Scout patrol on Hoth is one of the hardest jobs in the Rebel Alliance. When the weather is at its worst, a probe droid could be floating just a few feet away from your face and you’d never know it. The thick snow and the howling wind hides so much from your senses. “An AT-AT will be easy to spot,” you tell yourself. You let your guard down. Until you’re looking down at its footprint and wondering if the mechanical behemoth is standing over you right now…

To celebrate the release of the 75313 UCS AT-AT, Anthony has created a diorama of a lone Rebel Scout making a chilling discovery. In addition to crafting a realistically rough and rocky landscape, Anthony’s taken care to show how the weight of an AT-AT pushes the foot down into the snow and left an imprint through layers of rock on the planet surface. It really gives an impression of just how massive and imposing the AT-AT is. Anthony’s promising that some more Hoth builds are coming up soon from him. While you wait, make sure and check out some of Anthony’s other Star Wars themed dioramas.