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Gossipus Norvegicus

Apparently I have this thing for LEGO birds. Sometimes they tend to be really realistic, other times they look more cartoonized. These two little cuties by Lars Barstad are more on the cartoonized side of the spectrum They apparently are called Gossip Birds and they tend to come in pairs. Unlike turtle doves, these birds do not symbolise love and affection. These two represent the tittle-tattle, the rumors and the whispers. They are dishing the dirt, spilling the tea. Whatever you might call it, they are game for it! My guess is they are currently telling all the latest scandals about who used the Dr Strange cape as flower petals first.

Gossip birds

This LEGO bloom turns a magical artifact upside down

Some new LEGO Botanical Collection sets are dropping just in time for Mother’s Day, and they seem to have planted the seeds of creativity in the larger LEGO community. Dawn Sloboda, from LEGO Masters Season 2, brings us this single bloom with a magical twist. Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation gets put to use to make some of the best petals we’ve seen on any LEGO flower. Here’s hoping Dawn didn’t have to endure any multiversal dangers to get her hands on four cloaks.

LEGO Spider-Man No Way Home sets unveiled [News]

LEGO just unveiled 3 new Spider-man No Way Home themed sets. They will be available for sale in October. The movie originally scheduled to hit the big screen this month has been pushed back to December 2021. The sets may include some spoilers with the inclusion of a Dr. Strange Minifigure in the largest set. The other two sets look like they’re inspired by the past Spider-man movies.

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