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This 9,500+ piece LEGO Cobra Terror Drome will have G.I. Joe running for cover.

The new partnership between LEGO and Hasbro has prompted plenty of discussion about what the future could hold. Builder Big Easy Bricks has crafted my dream new set with this incredible take on the Cobra Terror Drome playset from the original G.I. Joe toy line. While the military theme of G.I. Joe might conflict with some of LEGO’s brand philosophy, some of the line’s more fantastical hardware isn’t too dissimilar from the likes of Ninjago or Nexo Knights, and the Cobra Terror Drome is a perfect example. It’s a high-tech, octagonal remote headquarters unlike anything that exists in real life. So, let’s knock out a couple of Cobra Troopers, slip on their uniforms, and infiltrate the interior of this Cobra headquarters for a full tour.

Cobra Terror Drome 01

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