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This one will grow on you

You may know builder Big Stannis from their meme-tastic large character creations, but the creativity doesn’t stop there. (25+)Wise Mystical Tree features some really clever part usage. It’s somewhat easy to spot the raft forming the front of the face, but if you look very closely at the eyes you might find some surprising Thanksgiving leftovers. There are even some 1×1 round tile cookies in there if search for them. And, just to be juvenile, there’s also plenty of SNOT.

(25+)Wise Mystical Tree

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When it comes to magic-users, the kookier the better!

Straight from the mind of LEGO builder MySnailEatsPizza comes this wonderfully witchy character named Isobel. Complete with a pet frog on her shoulder, this sorceress is seen here riding quite the ornate broomstick, complete with white rubber bands for grips and floating magical zamor sphere. Another black rubber band (all of them official LEGO parts, mind you) is used in her satchel. Aside from this excellent parts usage, this construction does a great job of conveying Isobel’s “chaotic good” sensibilities through a slightly cocked head, open and expressive arms, and legs semmingly crossed for both comfort and balance. She looks to be mid-conversation, describing the intricacies of the “mana-flow” and how best to implement its energy. If only I could follow any of what she’s saying….

Isobel, Witch of the Ashen Plains

A character that sticks with you

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the new adhesive 8×8 plate available in some LEGO Dots sets. And while I haven’t been able to work it into one of my own builds yet, Eero Okkonen puts the new part to work in this swinging character suspended from the underside of a bookshelf. The sturdy swing design is impressive, not once relying on an unstable stud/antistud connection for the attached chains. And the character’s winged boots are dynamite, taking full advantage of a build without a bottom. But my favorite bit of the design has got to be her flowered sleeves. Each dark pink bloom pops against the jacket’s black background.

Eithel Meristem

Now it’s a party

We’re seeing a lot of Dungeons & Dragons-themed builds lately thanks to the LEGO Ideas D&D contest, and I’m a fan of this miniland-scale build by Miscellanabuilds, which depicts a party of adventurers. A good variety of races and classes are represented from the human wizard to the orc barbarian and halfling bard. The D&D logo is what really makes the whole build shine though. And don’t miss that tiny mimic!

A Dysfunctional Family

Man of the (Acro)year

This one gets me right in the feels. Growing up, I didn’t have any LEGO to play with…but I did have just about every Micronauts toy ever produced. SPARKART!  has re-created one of the great characters – Acroyear – in LEGO action figure form. Making great use of Mixel ball joints, this warrior is super articulated and ready for battle. Aircraft tail fins match up perfectly with the classic helmet’s shaping, and those big chunky feet are super fashionable and provide some great stability to boot.

Micronauts Acroyear LEGO Action Figure

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D&D’s latest LEGO bad boy is also a Strahd boy

As the LEGO Dungeons & Dragons builds continue to spill forth, builder Plastic Pauper has a great take on one of the game’s first monsters: the vampire lord. I have to commend the character construction here. With sharp lines for the count’s suit contrasted by the more flowing contours of his face and cloth cloak, this dark noble feels alive wielding his menacing rapier (that’s 1d8 piercing damage, folks!). And I adore all the gold filigree and tan ascot adorning his chest. Such a well-crafted villain is further complemented by the dynamite background in this vignette. The ornate stone walls surrounding the figure feature a ring of keys, a pair of candlesticks, and quite the imposing gargoyle. But my favorite detail has got to be the spiky ends of a portcullis in the doorway to the vamp’s rear. What an excellent homage to the fantasy role playing game!

Vampire Lord

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Hallowe’en has never looked so cuddly

Koen Zwanenburg has added to his collection of plushie-style LEGO builds. Normally I would describe them as adorable, but since these are Hallowe’en themed… Ah, who am I kidding! They’re still cute. Except that clown, though. The last thing anyone needs a cuddly toy of is Pennywise. The consistency of style between all of them is remarkable, even among the less anthropogenic ones such as the pumpkin or spider. I think my favourite is the little devil. Who is yours?

Cuddly Toys: The Halloween Collection

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I moustache you a question said the lemon

Have you ever been jealous of a LEGO moustache? Well I have. These two critters have the most lavish moustaches and I am jealous. They must have also stopped shaving during a lockdown. Fortunately for them they can indeed grow a decent moustache. Something I am apparently, at age 34, not yet capable of. In Sarah Beyer’s description, it is noted that these critters are friendly. I would not come too close to them, however, as they are equipped with some sharp-looking teeth. Presumably ready to bite whoever tries to touch their luscious moustaches.

Moustache Monsters

A trophy that deserves a trophy

If you are a fan of big building competitions enjoyed by the global LEGO community, you don’t want to miss Brickscalibur starting next week. And if the very idea of competing side by side with the best LEGO builders isn’t enough, just look at what Markus Rollbühler has to offer! This cute orc is a custom-built trophy promised to one of the winners, and it’s such a neat build. I wonder why Markus sent it to some icy territories, but with these fancy boots and pants this orc is a star on the battlefield.

Brickscalibur 2022 Trophy: The Orc Warrior

A computerized agglomeration of Okkonen constructions

When taking averages of quantitative values, the math is quite easy. But qualitative averaging between LEGO characters is a feat that requires a computer, for sure! So esteemed character concoctor Eero Okkonen collaborated with Looking Glass V1.4 AI to come up with this ostentatious “Admiral” design based on an array of his prior anthropomorphic builds. And I’m really digging the cyberpunk aspects of the work! The imbalance between the legs immediately draws the eye: one clad in only an elaborate shin guard, the other draped in a dark blue parachute pant leg. The gold and red highlights of the figure’s upper body really pop, coming to an apex with some dynamite headgear. But be sure not to miss the beautiful golden sword at its hip. Held in a black sheath, the design is simple, yet immediately recognizable and perfect for the digital officer.

AI Admiral

I’m Lupin’ you in on some wisdom.

This great character build of Lupin III by Rokan Cheung is titled 自分で決めなきゃ明日は開かれねぇんだぜ, which Google tells me translates to “If you don’t decide by yourself, tomorrow won’t open.” (This YouTube clip shows the delivery of the line, I think.) Pretty profound. And in addition we can admire the great LEGO design work and part usage at play. This is not a tiny build – the 1×2 gold ingot used as a tie bar gives a sense of scale. The graceful shaping of the hands and limbs are echoed by the clean lines of the couch. The character’s expression is also pretty clever, with a friction ram bar creating the perfect smirk.


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The corpse groom

In the past I may or may not have had a slight addiction to a certain mobile game that involved plants and zombies. This adorable little LEGO zombie created by Dan Ko reminds me of this game. The zombie looks like a happy medium between a zombie and a plant. But that may just be because one of his legs is a carrot top connected to a leaf tile and the hands are made of green claws, which I’ve seen used as grass or plants numerous times. One of the best parts of this creation is the fact that the Hulk had to sacrifice one of his hands for the head of this well dressed zombie.

Zombie Walk