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LEGO Donkey Kong is bigger, faster, and stronger too

Logey Bear has quite the talent in capturing expressive characters with unusual parts. His latest, Mario’s classic nemesis Donkey Kong, is excellent, making clever use of tan bananas and Bionicle masks to bring his iconic grin to life in LEGO.

Donkey Kong

If it looks like Galidor and quacks like Galidor....

Gali-what? For the uninitiated, Galidor was a line of quirky buildable action figures released by LEGO back in 2002. Galidor coined and subsequently destroyed the word “glinching,” which was used to refer to the interchangeability of the various body parts. LEGO had great expectations for Galidor and invested a great deal of money in promoting the product, which included a tie-in TV show, video games and promotional McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Despite LEGO’s efforts, Galidor was a huge commercial failure and has been a running joke in the LEGO fan community every since. Between all the laughter, there has been very little in the way of discussion of what Galidor could have been….until now. Ryan Howerter brings us this great model of Jens, but look closely…


Read more about Ryan’s Galidor model

Darth Vader BrickHeadz is a larger-than-life character

As rumors of future LEGO BrickHeadz characters swirl around on the Internet, LEGO builders still have the freedom to build their own designs free of influence from potential official versions. We’ve featured Tan Kok Mun excellent and adorable BrickHeadz Boba Fett previously, but we had to do a double-take when we saw this Darth Vader.


At first glance, this looks like a regular-sized LEGO BrickHeadz Dark Lord of the Sith, but if you look closer you’ll see that it’s double-sized — everything from the 1×1 printed eye tiles to the studs and number tile on the display stand are brick-built at 2x scale! The extra detail on Darth Vader’s mask gives this away as a larger-than-normal BrickHeadz.


Happy Star Wars Day, kids!

Some crazy old space wizard once described the light saber as “an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age” — something that is clearly borne out by the plethora of civilized dismemberments seen in the Star Wars franchise. I was very pleased to see this tradition being continued in the latest installment, so much so that I decided to augment LEGO’s rather limited selection of Last Jedi BrickHeadz with one featuring a very special “play feature”…

There has never been a better time to fear spiders

If you’re afraid of spiders, look away now, because Leonid An built a particularly nasty one! This evil-looking mech combines arachnid and humanoid motives as it combines system and Bionicle parts from a technical viewpoint.

Spider — Plague Mech: Xi

Click to see the spider mech with more equipment

This little dude has all the doodads you are looking for

We all love Star Wars, but why should only the spaceships and battle scenes get all the love? How about some Jawas? This is what I imagine could have gone through Jacob Sadovich‘s mind when starting this build. This Jawa is so realistic, I just want to sell all my scrap copper to it!


What I really like about this build is that it is 100% LEGO, including the cloth. We have seen large Jawa figures in LEGO before, even life-sized ones, but most of them cheated at least a little. There is more to Jacob’s interpretation than just the robes, of course. The eyes light up and the belts with pouches are ironicaly made out of pouches with belts. The ion gun the little guy is holding in his hand also adds a lot to the character, as does the Technic-lined base.

The lady in red ain’t dancing with me

There is something mysterious about a build where you’re unable to immediately tell what inspired the builder to create such an enigmatic scene. It seems simple enough, but there’s always a hidden meaning. Even just the title of this build (“Vampires”) left me wondering and compelled me to reach out to the builder, WeNoGrayD to learn more.


Keep reading to see more photos and to discover the inspiration behind this creation

The most talented artist in all of Dream Land

I feel the nostalgia for Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, one of my favorite games as a kid, with Anton Sundström’s build of Kirby’s artist ally Adeleine. She has the ability to make her paintings real and often paints the maximum health tomato, like Anton portrayed here. In LEGO bricks, Adeleine is just as lively and adorable as she is in game.


Dance to the sinister music of Makuta

Makuta are the go-to villains in Bionicle lore and fan creations, most often portrayed by both as imposing warriors. Anthony Wilson takes a different approach with his vision of Makuta, the Handler, which appears to favor manipulation and shadow magic over physical strength and large weapons. I may just be desensitized to giant robots, but I think this actually looks more terrifying.

Makuta, the Handler

The Makuta is, of course, the focal point, with a creepy insectoid head and a robotic looking robe made out of wheels and tyres. What really makes it stand out though, are the little details around it, like the Matoran on puppet chains and the music box, which even has notes built on the lid!

Go Gundam or go bust!

It only took less than two days for Eugene Tan to build this from a conceptual Lego Digital Design (LDD) file to a finished bust. Even if one isn’t a huge follower of the anime series you can tell that this is an excellent build with intricate details finished with an excellent base moulded to the headpiece. It’s particularly nice to see details around the neck area where it seemed like this headpiece was ripped out from its torso just for this display.

RX0 2

A closer look also shows how lighting has been integrated into the lens of the Gundam RX-O Unicorn.

RX0 12

Bad guy versus good cop with these LEGO characters and their cool cars

The embodiment of a mobster character is captured perfectly by Martin Redfern. Cigar, check. Tommy Gun, check. Gangster pose, check. To top it all off, the elements used for the suit for shaping makes it look like it was tailored by a master — although I suspect that may be a Sharpie-branded tie.

You Dirty Rat

The accompanying cruiser is screaming out ‘mobster vehicle’ all over too! Styled in black with red highlights and chrome headlights.

You Dirty Rat

And of course, when there is bad, there must be good to balance it all out.

Click to see more

Beware the brunt of a grunt

I seriously don’t know what this is, but it definitely looks like a grunt that you’d want to stay away from. Builder Leonid An must have had an inspiring day to be able to dream up of this one – someone must have made him quite cross indeed. I did notice Grunt has a great choice of clothing! I wonder where he does his shopping or did Mrs. Grunt go for sewing lessons?

Vimur habilis

Click to see Grunt show off a few more poses