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A LEGO Flytrap fit for Morticia Addams

Builder @brickybrick82 has created a perfectly creepy addition to LEGO’s burgeoning Botanical Collection: A flowering Dionaea muscipula or as it’s more commonly known, a Venus Flytrap. It’s a beautiful model with tons of NPU (nice parts usage). The tentacle like dinosaur tails make great leaves and the green clam shells as the hungry mouths are perfect. I was particularly impressed with the flower petals made from the darling of mid-nineties LEGO space sets – the  3 x 5 Solar / Deltoid with Clip. This menacing flora would be right at home in the Addams Family house, nestled in next to Thing’s box.

A LEGO spider that is clearly terrifying

Spiders are are terrifying at the best of times and builder @brickybricks82 ups the ante with this transparent monster reminiscent of the crystal spider from the movie Krull. The gold hinges on the leg joints make a great (and necessary) accent that is repeated in the feet and fangs. The red transparent eyes add an additional look of menace and I’m particularly fond of the egg shaped spaceship windscreen for the abdomen. If you run into this beast in the basement, you better hope you see it before it sees you.