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This X-ceptional LEGO scene rides into the Danger Room

As a super team, how do you make sure you’re in top fighting condition to take on anything from giant robots, to genetically engineered dinosaur people, to spineless alien gameshow hosts, to your teacher’s unborn twin? Lots and lots of practice. The X-Men’s Danger Room, here recreated in LEGO by Brickelangelo, is a mix of gymnasium and Star Trek holodeck that uses alien tech to create a full-sensory combat experience. Brickelangelo’s vignette supplements the official roster of X-Men minifigs with a few custom versions from (the big, as our mutant heroes train against Savage Land raptors and Tigertooth Sabertooth. The scene is packed with great details, like the rippling pixel effect as the slick tiled room transitions to holographic wilderness, the X-shaped door, and the signiture smoke poof as Nightcrawler teleports into position. Brickelangelo first shared his Danger Room a month ago but came back with improved photo staging to better appreciate the full model, which we much appreciate. With X-Men ’97 killing it on Disney Plus, Deadpool & Wolverine looking to crush summer box office, and LEGO’s return to the theme, Marvel’s mutants are having a moment. No doubt we’ll see more X-ceptional builds like Brickelangelo’s to add to our growing X-Men collection.

Lego X-Men: Danger Room