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TBB-sponsored collaboration MOCing Memories on display this weekend [News]

If you haven’t heard, BrickCon, the home LEGO convention for The Brothers Brick, is happening this weekend in Seattle. And, as we’ve previously posted, we’re hosting a collaborative display called MOCing Memories where builders can showcase their tributes to LEGO sets of the past, large or small. Now, while it’s too late to register to display your own builds, it’s not too late to stop by Saturday or Sunday to see what our talented bevy of builders have come up with in this ode to themes of yesteryear. If you’re in the Seattle area, and you’d like to see this marvelous TBB-sponsored display (and everything else at BrickCon) there’s more info here.

Reminder: TBB-sponsored collab MOCing Memories at BrickCon 2022 [News]

In case you haven’t heard, BrickCon 2022 is only two and a half weeks away. That’s only 16 days left to get things in order for the Seattle area’s biggest LEGO shindig! And if you’re anything like me, you’re knee-deep in 8×8 plates and minifig utensils finishing things up. But while you’re making sure your Technic technique is perfect, your castles are adequately crenellated, and your ever-growing brick badge is properly fortified, please remember that TBB is hosting its own collaboration at the con: MOCing Memories. Any build that pays homage to LEGO sets of the past (or pieces thereof) is welcome. That’s regardless of scale, regardless of theme, and regardless of era.

“But Kyle,” you say, “there’s only 380 hours left for stacking bricks on top of plates on top of slopes before I put my beautiful masterpiece on display! How can I get something new done in time?” Well, here’s an example of something small that would fit right into MOCing Memories, based on 6190 Shark’s Crystal Cave from 1997. And as a bit of further motivation for you, this may be one of the trophies up for grabs in the theme. Hope to see you and your builds there!

Announcing our TBB sponsored BrickCon 2022 Collaboration [News]

While we try to organize a TBB-sponsored collaborative project for LEGO builders who travel to Seattle to attend BrickCon, the last two years have been a bit strange, to say the least. With the 2020 convention fully remote, and 2021 under restrictions for how many registered attendees were allowed, we’ve had to adjust. But this year, the 90th anniversary of the LEGO brand gave us an idea. We have already seen many builders from around the world creating tributes to their favorite sets or themes from throughout LEGO’s history. So we are very excited to announce this year’s TBB collab for BrickCon 2022: MOCing Memories.

The rules are simple. Build a MOC inspired by a favorite set or part of a set from any LEGO theme, past or present. That’s it. Modernize the classic space rover? Perfect! Microscale fire station? Awesome! Giant-sized minifigure? Oh yeah! Build the ultimate elemental dragon? It’s on! So if you are a registered attendee of BrickCon 2022, and you want to be part of this nostalgic display, then join in on the fun and happy building.

When registering your MOC, be sure to select “TBB Collaboration” as the theme, and we’ll see you in Seattle.