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This LEGO Bokoblin isn’t afraid of any sword-wielding Hylians

For all the beauty we can find in the Hyrule of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we also have to deal with the dumb, squealing baddies known as Bokoblins. And while the creature from the game won’t win any beauty contests, this LEGO version by Mitch Phillips is worth its weight in Rupees! There are so many excellent part choices here, including the minifig capes used in the ears, Clickits nose, and a mix of System and Bionicle pieces to bring this henchman to life. But the part that saves the day again and again is the ninja bandana. You can find it on the Bokoblin’s wrists and encircling its eyes, providing some exquisite texture to this Hylian menace.