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Take the time to watch this real working clock made entirely from LEGO.

Akiyuki has a knack for creating elaborately engineered LEGO creations. But this latest creation is possibly the most complex yet. Using a mangle rack system that converts the spinning of gears into rectilinear motion (i.e. straight lines), Akiyuki was able to create an accurate second hand on a giant LEGO clock frame. From there, the minute and hour hands were a breeze…well maybe not a breeze, but Akiyuki sure makes it look easy.

Check out the video below for a full breakdown on the construction and operation of the clock, including a timelapse next to a standard clock to demonstrate its accuracy. Make sure you turn on the closed captioning for Akiyuki’s full commentary.

Taking LEGO Great Ball Contraptions to the 5th level [Video]

Great Ball Contraptions (GBCs) are one of the most fascinating and mesmerizing pieces of LEGO art out there. GBC layouts at any convention will always enjoy an onslaught of wonderstruck fans. But what those fans may not know is that many LEGO GBC modules were inspired by one person. Of course, not all of them – there’s tons of originality in the hobby. That said, a household name amongst GBC enthusiasts is Akiyuki. His incredible designs have been the inspiration for hundreds of builds. Now he’s back with an incredible new creation, his “Five Tilted Rings” module.

Click to watch the video of it in action!