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Afrofuturistic sustainability is on the rise

Bright green foliage permeates this dynamic scene, cascading down to the produce stands set up in the square below a vibrant, sustainable stack of apartments. Builder Abe Fortier built this slice of life from an Afrofuturistic city that could fit anywhere in the world. Inspired by different elements of African architecture tied in with environmentally friendly urban planning, these apartments have a spark of individuality that lifts them above the greyscale of the typical city scene. Ladders and stairs provide access to the apartments (though I hope there’s an elevator somewhere, otherwise moving in would be a major pain). Couriers and cleaning drones stick to the street while the residents gather for groceries, enjoy the sights of the city from their balcony, or maybe even get some exercise on the rooftops. There is a lot to notice in this build but the most stand-out portion is the brick-built portrait featured on the wall. The sideways building techniques that Abe used to “paint” this picture are no easy feat, yet he managed to make quite the work of art all around.

The Hills || Futuristic Sustainable Apartment Complex

I’d love to see the rest of this city, or more like it, but hopefully, as time goes on we’ll get to see more real-world examples of the intersection between technology and the African Diaspora. Afrofuturism shouldn’t be treated like “another genre” but as a peek into what our world could one day become with a more equitable and equal society.