The Imp and the Mother of Dragons lock eyes across stairs

With Targaryens and their dragons once again fighting to control the Iron Throne (and Sunday night TV), what better time than to revisit the Breaker of Chains? Martin Studio recreates the Meereen Throne Room, where Daenerys ruled for 3 seasons before marching on Westeros. This was done as an entry into the Summer Joust “Stairway Tales” category. And what a grand staircase it is, filled with details to match the look of the location from Game of Thrones. While keeping to the original’s muted color palette,  Martin brings out a little more contrast to great effect. I love how the dark red and orange show through the seams between white tiles on the stairway, recreating the mortar on the screen version. And the mix of outward-facing tiles, plates, and ingots recreate the engraved landing beneath the throne. The choice of minifig parts to recreate Missandei, Jorah, and the rest is spot on. It’s an exquisite remake of an iconic location, and just a great set of stairs.

Meereen Throne Room