Taking the micro out of microscale

This here is a microscale LEGO CN Tower, as built by Flickr user q_159. Now microscale builds are usually small, right? It is in the name after all. And this is built to a miniscule 1:400 scale, which makes the cars at its base barely two studs long. But the thing you need to remember about the CN Tower is that it’s really frickin’ tall – over half a kilometre. And as a result, this tiny LEGO model is not that tiny at all, clocking in at 3,000 pieces and nearly 1.4 m (four-and-a-half feet)! Small but mighty, indeed.

CN Tower 2

2 comments on “Taking the micro out of microscale

  1. Thbthttt!

    There once was a Lego version of the CN Tower at the base of the CN Tower, maybe 15 feet tall. I was there for the official topping in the late 1970s, not long after the original was topped off.

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