LEGO Ninjago 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo [REVIEW]

When it comes to the LEGO Ninjago theme, pretty much every year brings us a new dojo set for the ninja to train in preparation for their next battle with skeletons, snakes, ghosts, nindroids, and more. This latest wave mixes things up by giving the villains a place to practice. The latest season of Ninjago pits our fearless heroes against the Wolf clan led by Lord Ras, and their dojo is the perfect place for them to sharpen their claws and hone their fighting style. LEGO Ninjago 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo comes with 1,190 pieces, includes 8 minifigures, and will be available starting on March 1st for US $119.99 | CAN $149.99 | UK £104.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Unboxing the parts, instructions, and sticker sheets

The set comes in a medium-sized square box with the Dragons Rising branding. The dojo is shown from the front and all of the minifigures in action throughout. There is also the usual line-up of included minifigures in the lower right corner. The entire box is covered in an illustration that sets the scene among a desolate landscape with flowing lava rivers and rocky crags.

On the back of the box the dojo is seen from the back, with the minifigures arranged in different ways. There are three smaller images that demonstrate various play features such as the trap door triggered by moving the small tree attached to the front, and the hidden chamber holding a sword built into one of the pillars that hold up the dojo’s second level.

Inside the box there are 8 numbered bags and 2 loose rubber strands with holes at each end. There is also an instruction booklet and a small sticker sheet. (unfortunately, my sticker sheet was stuck inside the instruction booklet at the time of photography).
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The build

The build starts of with a square practice/battle arena set at an angle and adorned with claws of various sizes. The arena includes rocky outcroppings where transparent bars attach to allow a staged battle to take place between any 2 minifigures.

From here we start with the left side pillar in the form of a knarled black tree. Each pillar has a tall gray structural element at the center for support. The build continues, adding more curved elements for the tree branches and roots.

The left pillar ends with a weapons rack and small tree attached at an angle to the base using one of the fixed-angle parts commonly used in mechs.

The right-side pillar is a dark gray stone structure with holes that will be used to attach large jagged rock outcroppings that match the setting shown on the box art. There is also a space in the base to hide a sword behind a hinged rock section. Surrounding the pillar are a series of platforms with jumper plates to allow members of the Wolf clan to access the upper level of the dojo.

The angled rocks jutting out of the right pillar are attached using multiple modified plates with a half Technic pin underneath for added stability, a technique I plan to use myself for attaching rocks at an angle. At the center, where the two pillars will connect there are a few black claws or stalagmites and a bone.

Starting in on the second level of the dojo, we get a pretty standard frame with a space for the trapdoor in the middle and a layer of plates on top. The front balcony is made from a variety of parts and claws to give a weather-worn look.

Turning the platform around we start to add some interior details, like a table for tea service and a place to sharpen your weapons. Each side also has a wall hanging depicting various scenes.

Back to the front, 4 blue flame holders are mounted to the top of two bright magenta awnings attached upside down using click hinge elements. Two wooden benches add a bit of visual interest.

A small roof is next, with more magenta angled elements to connect with the awnings. Two large dark blue horn-shaped structures with claws attached flank this small roof section.

The small roof structure attaches to the top level loosely. This is a very delicate attachment (learned the hard way while attempting to move the top section for a better photograph). Two more long curving horns are attached to the lower section of the top level, then two large red lanterns are attached, one on each side.

With the top level mostly completed it is time to attach it to the base. Long axles slide in from each side to lock the top level in place.

From here we finish the roof by adding the first two small shingled sections to either side of the raised middle structure, and a wider shingled section to the top.

With the main structure nearly complete it is time to move on the last structural part added to the right pillar, which is a small knarled tree attached to the main base by more of those fixed-angle connectors.

A few details remain. First, the large radar dish printed with the blood moon attaches to the top of the dojo with another transparent bar. Second is the large wolf head attached to the top level which holds a large golden disk hanging by chains from the bottom jaw.

The top jaw and head of the wolf is the last part of the build and includes red eyes and angled ears, as well as a hinge to allow the jaw to open and close.

The Minifigs

There are 8 minifigures included with this set. Four ninja and four members of the Wolf clan. All 8 include front and back torso printing and front leg printing. 7 minifigures have alternate expressions. Lord Ras is a single formed head with no minifigure head.

Starting with the ninjas we have Climber Zane, Climner Jay, Climber Lloyd, and Climber Kai. All include moulded shoulder elements for their mask, armor and sword holder as well as helmets. The torso printing includes gear for climbing like caribiners and rope, as well as rock-climbing harnesses. Each ninja has a printed eye mask that matches the color of their uniforms and hints of their elements.

Their back printing includes more rope and medallions that match their element. Their alternate facial expressions are their unmasked looks.

For the Wolf Clan, there is Jordana, a generic Wolf Mask Claw Warrior, Lord Ras, and Cinder. All members of the Wolf clan have various dark blue, silver, and purple printing for their armor and weapon details. Jordana has a wicked smile, while Cinder’s face has some kind of effect surrounding his features that completely takes over for his alternate expression.

Cinder and Jordana have matching armor details front and back, while the warrior has a simple Wolf Clan emblem, and Lord Ras what looks like a moon emblem, possibly representing the full moon or blood moon. Jordana’s other face is frowning and Cinders alternate face shows only his eyes with the rest of his features obscured.

The finished model

The finished dojo looks great, and fits perfectly with the vibe of the Wolf Clan. There are plenty of options for staging a scene, between the arena, the two side builds, and the multiple levels of the dojo itself. Having a front and a back is nice as well, instead of a simple one-sided facade. That being said, I did feel like both the tree branches, and the side builds were a little scant, and fall off easily if the dojo is moved, being only attached by a few studs. I feel like the base pillars could have been expanded with more details directly built into them rather than add these fragile spurs, but that is a very small negative on the set as a whole.

Conclusions and recommendations

Personally, I think it is great to have a dojo for the villains for a change. Goodness knows the ninjas have had so many training sets over the years. I have to admit I have not caught up with the latest seasons so I can’t speak to the accuracy of this set compared to the show. On its own, I think this set makes a great play set, and would also make a good display set, being fairly shallow and having the arena separated from the main building. LEGO Ninjago 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo comes with 1,190 pieces, includes 8 minifigures, and will be available starting on March 1st for US $119.99 | CAN $149.99 | UK £104.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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