A pop of colour set against a dreary WWII sea

Some months ago (well, over a year ago now), PelLego Bricks built a model of a Schnellboot S-100 – a German marine craft from the Second World War. Now, this was – and still is – a mighty impressive model, with some fantastic shaping. But they’ve gone one better and built an entire Norwegian harbour to go with it! The last time we featured this builder’s work, we commented on the excellent use of the humble LEGO tile. But while there it was on serene, flat water, PelLego has somehow manipulated the same parts into a darker, much more dynamic sea. The effect is terrific! Boat and water take centre stage, but the background has a nice contrast of colour thanks to some autumn foliage and the red wooden buildings, so typical of these Northern climes.

2 comments on “A pop of colour set against a dreary WWII sea

  1. Russell Chapman

    So much here to love. Even the K├╝belwagen and truck are fantastic builds, let alone the lighthouse, boatsheds, and one of the best water/wake builds I’ve ever seen.

  2. hntrains

    This is done so well, it does not look like it is made from LEGO – it does not display any of those annoying features of a build made of small plastic bricks and parts. Rare, indeed – and, as such, most impressive.

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