Darth Maul’s epic LEGO Scimitar has 4,000 pieces and a full interior!

Evilkirk must have read about me being a sucker for the Phantom Menace, because he’s gone and built a truly epic ship from Star Wars: Episode I! This is the Scimitar, Darth Maul’s daily runabout. It’s a starship that just screams bad guy. Evilkirk’s has to be one of the best versions I’ve seen rendered in LEGO – not least because of its size. What a behemoth! There are over 4,000 pieces in this, and they haven’t all gone into the exterior either…

34. Scimitar flight mode 3

The Scimitar opens up like a crocodile’s jaw to reveal an incredibly detailed interior. Yep, this is a fully minifigure-scale model! It’s easy to forget just how big this thing is from its brief appearances in the Phantom Menace.

3. Scimitar open roof

The cockpit sits in the ball at the back of the ship, and that gets the whole Evilkirk treatment too. Come to think of it, it’s rather fitting that he’s designed this baddie ship. Do you think Kirk is the Sith Lord’s first name? Kirk Maul? Maybe to his friends. He must have some at least – the flight deck has seating for more than one.

17. Scimitar flight deck

And if you’re not his friend, and you call him Captain Kirk Maul, you’ll go to the brig for mixing your franchises. This sits below the flight deck, so to get to the back entrance and access to the rest of the ship, you just have to lift it out. This would be one heck of a playset!

19. Scimitar holding cell and rear doors

But at the end of the day, Darth Maul is just another Sith Lord with a penchant for the dramatic (it’s part of the job requirements, I hear). Just as well there’s a ramp at the front as well as the back then. That way he can make the perfect entrance (or exit, I suppose) on his Bloodfin speeder, alongside his pet droids.

36. Scimitar Bloodin and droids

Be sure to visit Evilkirk’s photostream to take in every little detail on this enormous creation! And since you made it this far, why not look at some of our other favourites from the best* Skywalker Saga movie?

*No questions at this time, please…

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