The End of the Lord of the Rings LEGO Saga

Thorsten Bonsch, our favorite prolific German builder of Lord of the Rings LEGO scenes, concludes his 5-year epic journey there and back again with this thorough rendition of that famous Hobbit hole, Bag End.

Bag End (Ultimate Movie Edition)

It seems fitting that Thorsten saved his most accurate, winding creation for last as he packs every tiny detail into the cozy Bagginses residence of the Shire.

Notable rooms include the study where Bilbo journals his adventures (check out the chair that includes sausages, and the intricate cheese slope floor design), the incredibly well-stocked pantry (did you know LEGO made that many different pastry-printed 1×1 round tiles?), and of course the dining room where he entertains many a dwarf before the eventual adventure that would set him on a collision course with Gollum and the One Ring.

Bag End 07 - Study 1

Bag End 05 - Dining Room 2

Be sure to click through to his Flickr stream for even more of the amazing artistry on display in this beautiful Bag End!