A wagonload of LEGO technique

I’m absolutely enamored with this covered wagon LEGO creation by builder SDR. Such a tiny build contains so many interesting techniques. For starters, there’s the seated dress added to the female minifigure, allowing her to sit on the seat of the wagon. Then, there’s the brilliant idea to lace wooden beam-printed tiles through the gap of this difficult-to-use 1×2 with bar piece. The end result is a texture on the side of the wagon perfectly befitting its wood construction. Similarly, the brown brickwork on the underside of the vehicle feels obsessively accurate to the subject matter.

Covered wagon

But the best bit of building brilliance is the design of the wagon’s white cover. Utilizing clips on the interior, sections of the cover are held in place, leaving a seamless appearance on the exterior that left me wondering how it was achieved. Thankfully, SDR. included a behind-the-scenes pic.

Covered wagon building techniques