A mathematical work of art from Escher (no, not that one)

If I say “Check out this twisty building by Escher”, you’ll probably picture upside-down stairs and ceilings that turn into floors. But MC Escher didn’t build with LEGO bricks (probably). Instead, I’m talking about Jakob Escher. Now I don’t know that the inside of this building doesn’t have staircases that lead only to themselves, but I do know that I would love to live here! This is the latest in a series of builds in Jakob’s own galaxy far, far away. There are hints of Star Wars here – Kamino and Endor spring to mind – but also some real-world inspiration, and heaps of creativity. The colours in particular remind me of Oriental architecture. The geometry is what really gives this the wow factor though; circular living quarters connected by trapezoidal corridors. MC Escher was renowned for his use of mathematics in his artwork… I think this creation would definitely have piqued his interest!

Life in a galaxy far away