The rockstar and her 5-star cabin

Somehow famed LEGO builder Jaap Bijl has made a non-food-related creation look downright delicious. It likely has everything to do with that sweet and refreshing color scheme. I’m imagining the flavors of strawberry ice cream and lemon sherbet. Do they go together? I just might be willing to find out! Aside from seeming dastardly delicious, this cabin is chock full of amazing build techniques. I love the smoke emanating from the chimney (it’s a white serpent!) as well as the gold scorpion nearly hidden among the filagree along the roofline. The chef’s kiss probably goes to the multitude of walkie-talkies making up the thatched roof. I love the musician’s lute but that hair-like lovely cotton candy! I feel like I could stay in this cabin forever but I just might be tempted to take a bite out of the wall just to see if it’s as delicious as I imagine.

The Rockstar