A missile bay for every appendage

When Angus MacLane isn’t basking in the glory of being the director of the Lightyear movie he’s a LEGO builder, just like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us, he basks in the glory of being the director of Lightyear and an all-around big-wig for Pixar. That’s how fame works! Now that that’s all perfectly clear, he took the Robot Warrior from the Series 24 Collectable Minifigures and gave it the mech treatment. He enhanced the arms and legs and gave it some cool wings because, in case you’re still following along, that’s how the mech treatment works. I love the dark green and dark pink color scheme which makes it seem like something that is both somehow healthy to eat and sickeningly sweet. It doesn’t hurt that this mech has, what we’ve all admittedly wanted for ourselves, a missile bay for every appendage. Totally badass!

Series 24 Mech Mk. II

3 comments on “A missile bay for every appendage

  1. Frederic KOSTECKI

    I can’t figure out what is the part used to make the rockets? I guess it is a. Lego part, but which (end of it) one?

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