Hooked on minifigure-scale cranes

Hot on the heels of my Mammoet mobile crane, I decided to build another minifigure-scale crane. This time it is a truck-based crane: a Liebherr LTF 1060.

Unlike the Mammoet crane, this one uses a commercial truck chassis built by Scania. This type of cranes typically has better on-road mobility than those that use dedicated chassis. I primarily liked it because it was different and, when I found a yellow one operated by the Dutch company “Kuiphuis” pulling a trailer with accessories, I was hooked.

LEGO’s long history and the quality of the elements mean that there is a vast collection of parts suitable for this type of build. For instance, among the real crane’s accessories are a crane crab and a concrete bucket. And LEGO made a crane grab in yellow. And there is a suitable handle for the bucket, in yellow too. These parts are thirty and twenty years old, respectively.

2 comments on “Hooked on minifigure-scale cranes

  1. Roloff

    What a great build, your recent “schaftkeet”, the blue trailer, will nicely go with the scene. That crane grab piece, never seen it before, awesome! Wish there was a 6 stud wide one, inspired to make something up myself now.
    So is a concrete mixing truck next? Something needs to fill that bucket!

  2. Mad physicist

    @Roloff Thank you. Much appreciated. The grab piece is from the nineties, back when Lego City containers were only four studs wide. I haven’t decided on a load for it, but I imagine building a 4 x 4 stud pallet with a stack of bricks, for instance. A mixing truck could be a nice addition. Thanks for the suggestion.

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