Every construction job needs a set of these

Even LEGO construction workers need a portable toilet and a trailer for a temporary office while on a job site. Coming from builder Ralph Savelsberg, these two items are no doubt appreciated by the construction worker minifigures, despite their moods. The portable toilet features the ever lovely orange LEGO pieces for that classic look–just don’t be inside it when it comes time to move it…. The trailer itself is small, but there’s enough room inside to have a coffee break away from the elements. There’s a cute little window with shutters to watch the site and a nice step-up so no one has to jump in or out. To keep the trailer steady, since it’s only on two wheels, there are four supports. Between the two items, the color choices are spot on and the designs are keen.

Construction site accessories

3 comments on “Every construction job needs a set of these

  1. Michael Wolf

    That axle and wheel is perfect modelling for those sketchy construction trailers. Just needs a cheese block under the tire to keep it from rolling into the cement pour.

  2. Mad physicist

    @Michael Wolf
    I’m glad you approve at the choice of wheels. I picked this one specifically because it looks dinky.

    Thank youfor spotting that they look Dutch, as these models were very much intended to look like a Dutch bouwkeet and a Dixi from Boels Verhuur. Prior to picking blue, I looked at making it dark green, but I didn’t have suitable hinges for the door.

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